McKinsey Tribal Opioid Settlement

A nationwide settlement has been reached to resolve all Opioids litigation brought by federally recognized Tribes against McKinsey & Company, Inc. This settlement will provide substantial funds to participating Tribes for abatement of the opioid epidemic in Indian country.

If the proposed settlement is agreed to and adopted by Tribes nationwide:

  • McKinsey will pay $39,500,000 to participating federally recognized Tribes in a single payment.
  • The settlement is open to all 574 federally recognized Tribes, whether or not a Tribe has filed litigation against McKinsey, just as is the case with earlier nationwide tribal opioid settlements.
  • Settlement funds will be allocated among Tribes using the inter-tribal plan of allocation approved and adopted in the related Purdue (Opioid) Bankruptcy. This is the same allocation used to allocate most of the earlier nationwide tribal opioid settlements.
  • The settlement will become effective 30 days after McKinsey concludes that a sufficient number of Tribes have agreed to the settlement by signing a Tribal Participation Form.
  • A total of 15% of the settlement funds will be set aside to pay attorney fees. The balance of 85% of the funds will be paid to participating Tribes. This is the same division of funds used in most of the earlier nationwide tribal opioid settlements.
  • As with all the earlier nationwide tribal opioid settlements, the funds must be used for abatement of the opioid epidemic in tribal communities. “Abatement” uses are specified in a broadly defined list of approved programs, activities and services, with special deference for tribal governments to decide which culturally appropriate or traditional healing practices are best suited to their communities. The approved abatement uses are attached as an Exhibit to the Tribes-McKinsey Settlement Agreement. Again, this is the same list used in all of the earlier settlements.
  • In order to participate, a Tribe must sign and submit a Tribal Participation Form through a secure portal that can be accessed through this website.

Law firms and unrepresented Tribes may submit Participation Forms quickly and easily using the secure online portal by selecting Portal Log In at the top of this screen. The Portal Log In page provides instructions for creating access credentials if you have not previously received access credentials. If you have previously set up access credentials in connection with earlier tribal opioid settlements, you may proceed to upload your executed Tribal Participation Form.

In addition to the secure online portal, you may submit a Participation Form by:


  • Be sure the Tribal Settlements Administrator, BrownGreer PLC, has your contact information so they know who to contact about wiring funds or mailing a check. Click here to log on to the Portal to check your contact information or email